Sync Assistance

Soerens Ford has a Sync Specialist Available to help you with any of your Sync or My Ford Touch Questions.

You can call or email Anne Warchol at 262-790-5136 or They will set up an appointment for a One-on-One session to review your Sync Questions.

Please remember to check your account to see if there are updates available for your Sync or My Ford Touch System. There will be updates available for Text Messaging as more phones become compatible.

Limiting Number of Contacts in Phonebook for Vehicle

We often get asked how to limit the number of contacts that your phone sends to your car's phonebook. The recommendation is to keep your Phone Settings on Automatic Download so any changes to your phone's phonebook are automatically changed within your car's. However for some people they have a lot of work and nonnecessary numbers listed in their phone's phonebook and sometimes just want some select numbers to be available to call from their vehicle.

Sync System: Click on the Phone Menu button

  • Scroll to Phone Settings - Click "Ok"
  • Scroll to Auto Download - Click "Ok"
  • Scroll to Turn Off - Click "Ok"
  • Scroll to Manage Phonebook - Click "Ok"
  • Scroll to Delete Contact - Click "Ok"
  • This will prompt you to scroll through your contacts when you find the name you would like deleted click "Ok".

Want to watch movies or YouTube videos on your

My Ford Touch Screen?

5 Easy Steps

1) Get an A/V adapater that is compatible with your smart phone or media player. Check out Best Buy or your local phone retail store.

2) Connect the media device and the car with your A/V port (should be next to USB port)

3) Click on the Red Audio Tab so that it brings up the menu to full screen.

4) Press the down arrow on the left side Media Menu to see and then select source, "A/V" 

5) Press play on your media device and the video will display on your screen. Vehicle must be in park for this feature to work.

You can connect a portable DVD player or Video Camera as long as you have the A/V cord. Great way to share videos.


Ford is working to increase the number of phones that are compatible with Sync Text Messaging. Here are some popular new phones that are compatible:

  • Blackberry Style (9670)
  • Blackberry Curve (9300)
  • Motorola Atrix
  • Motorola Droid Bionic
  • Motorola Photon

Check here for a full list of phones that are currently compatible.

Just confirmed Apple iPhone 4S with Siri can have Siri read text messages over the Sync System in your vehicle. Siri will also send a voice-to-text message back to your contact!

Voice Commands for Text Message

Press Sync Button


"Read Message"

The Sync system will read aloud the text message.

The Voice Command feature of Text Message is to help the driver stay focused on the road and not worry about the text message that came in. Ford suggests that if the driver needs to respond to the message that they call the person and talk using the Sync Handsfree option.

The driver can also send one of several preset messages in response.
Press the Sync button
"Reply to Text Message"

Some options of the pre-designed messages are:

"I'll Call You back in a few minutes"
"I'm On My Way"
"I'm running a few minutes late"
"Stuck in Traffic"
"Call me Later"
"I Love You"

With the My Ford Touch System, the driver can select the message to be sent via voice command. When the vehicle is in park the driver can edit the message via the keypad and send a more personalized message.

!!Remember Texting While Driving is Distracting!!

The voice command option for text messaging is made available to keep the driver's eyes on the road. Soerens Ford encourages drivers to stay safe and return text messages by phone calls or when they have arrived at their destination.

Finding Rural Addresses in Sync Services

Sync Services like many other navigation or GPS units does not understand Rural Addresses (ie: N35 W2344) and will only be able to find a range of addresses for the destination. There is a work around available. First - Start on your computer log into

Enter the Address you are going to
Map out directions
On the Upper Right section, select "Send to Car"
Enter your cell phone number that is connected to Sync Services

Second - Start your vehicle, Press the Sync Button, "Services"

Your vehicle will prompt you that there is an address wanting to be downloaded. Answer yes to allow the download

If you are going to this address simply follow the directions If you are not currently going to this address, press the Sync Button, "Cancel Route"

Third: Log into

Click "Manage Sync"
Select "Personalize Services"
Select "Locations"
Click the drop down menu for "Previous Destinations"
Choose the rural address
Name the location and Save as a Favorite Point

Vehicle Health Report

The Vehicle Health Report is to keep drivers informed regarding their vehicle's diagnostics, regularly scheduled maintenance, and vehicle specific recalls.

The driver can set the reminder schedule for the vehicle by mileage intervals. The driver can also turn off the Vehicle Health Report Notification.
When a Vehicle Health Report is run the report is available on
It will let you know any problem areas. If Soerens Ford is et up as your preferred dealership you can click from there to schedule an appointment with the Service Center.

You can receive email or text alerts regarding the Vehicle Health Report. To manage those log into
Manage Sync - Vehicle Health Report - Report Settings

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