Why Buy Pre-owned from Soerens?

Pre-owned vehicles from Soerens Ford are a cut above the rest. Be careful shopping around for used vehicles with low sticker pricing or “freebie” items. Other dealers may be trying to compensate for the overall condition of that vehicle: worn brakes, bald or leaky tires, dull interior, dents and dings, vehicle history, etc. Not at Soerens. We have the highest standards and strictest checklist for screening every single pre-owned vehicle in our stock. We clean and sanitize every vehicle inside and out, top to bottom. We’ll repair scratches, dents, and dings to get that vehicle shining like new. We’ll even fix major concerns like brakes, plugs, or tires when needed to save you costly repairs down the road. Don’t buy cheaper. Shop at Soerens and have peace of mind. Soerens. Simple.