Amazing Long-Term Customers: Larry’s Loyalty to Soerens Ford

July 31st, 2023 by



At Soerens Ford, we’ve built a reputable dealership with a remarkable 106-year history and take pride in the unwavering loyalty of our customers. Among these dedicated patrons is Larry, a remarkable individual who has been a loyal customer since 2008. Over the years, Larry has purchased an astonishing eight vehicles from Soerens Ford and has become a living testament to our exceptional service and quality. Let’s delve into Larry’s extraordinary journey and explore the reasons behind his enduring loyalty.

The Beginning of a Lasting Relationship

Back in 2008, Larry walked into Soerens Ford with a simple intention: to find a reliable vehicle that perfectly catered to his needs. Little did he know that this visit would mark the beginning of a long and treasured relationship. The attentive and knowledgeable staff at guided Larry through the extensive range of vehicles, ensuring he found the ideal match. Impressed by their professionalism and personalized assistance, Larry decided to entrust his automotive needs to Soerens Ford.

A Trustworthy Partnership

From that point on, Larry experienced firsthand the exceptional customer service and unmatched expertise that sets our dealership apart – and has helped us become the oldest Ford dealership in metro Milwaukee. With each subsequent vehicle purchase, Larry found himself consistently impressed by our commitment to exceeding customer expectations. The dedicated team always went the extra mile to ensure Larry’s satisfaction, offering transparent pricing, thorough vehicle inspections, and efficient after-sales support.

Countless Referrals: A Testament to Quality

Larry’s loyalty to Soerens Ford extends beyond his personal vehicle purchases. Over the years, he has become a loyal advocate, enthusiastically recommending our dealership to friends, family, and colleagues. His trust in Soerens Ford’s integrity and commitment to excellence has led to numerous referrals, and many others have followed in Larry’s footsteps, becoming satisfied customers themselves. Our reputation for delivering outstanding service and top-notch vehicles continues to grow, thanks in part to Larry’s unwavering support.

The Soerens Ford Experience

Soerens Ford’s ability to cultivate long-term customer relationships, like Larry’s, is a testament to our unwavering dedication. By providing a seamless experience from the moment customers walk through the door, we’ve set the bar high for customer satisfaction. With a knowledgeable staff, extensive inventory, and commitment to transparency we’ve created an environment where customers feel valued and understood.

A Lasting Legacy

As we celebrate our 106th year in business, customers like Larry embody this dealership’s legacy of customer loyalty and satisfaction. Larry’s story serves as a reminder of the genuine connections that can be forged between a dealership and its customers when exceptional service and quality are at the forefront. Soerens Ford is honored to have customers like Larry, and we strive to continue delivering the same exceptional experience to each and every individual who walks through their doors.